Private Dog Training In Houston

puppy dog training


An initial 2-hour session where we get to know you and your puppy and begin training is $150.

If you decide to continue with one-on-one training, single, 90-minute sessions cost $110 and you can purchase a discounted package on the same day as the initial session of three sessions for $202.50 (a 10% discount), a package of six sessions for $382.50 (a 15% discount), or 12 sessions for $720 (a 20% discount).

We recommend that packages of three lessons be used within 3 weeks to 3 months, and a package of six within 6 weeks to 6 months, but they must be completed within six months of purchase.

Custom Private Dog Training Houston


Our expert dog trainers can create a customized dog training and behavioral management plan to address your overall training goals and your dog’s specific needs.

We work with puppies, adolescents dogs, and adult dogs of all breeds.

We also offer specialized private training for dogs and puppies that need help recovering from canine separation anxiety, general dog anxiety, excessive barking, leash reactivity, and aggression in its many forms.



Abigail Sullivan-Bayer

“A great dog trainer has to be able to use her knowledge and experience to quickly assess what will work in the most efficient way for each individual owner and each individual dog in each individual situation. A great dog trainer is not only exceptionally good at reading behavior, communicating with and educating all types of dogs (ages, breeds, temperaments, drives, etc.) but she must be exceptionally good at …

Alexander Taylor

”Our history with Jen Delatte goes back almost eight years when as new owners of a high energy Golden Retriever puppy, we signed up for a Puppy class with Jen. Neither of us had any experience with training a dog. All we knew is that we wanted our soon-to-be “big” dog to be well-behaved and obedient. Jen was patient with us (when we clearly didn’t know what we were doing) and wonderful with Chief. She has a real gift …

Tonya Cox

“I brought my two dogs to Jen…. Max a SUPER energized and very hyperactive Miniature Schnauzer puppy and Simba, a mellow yet often defiant Yorkshire Terrier. After a few sessions, I realized that Jen has a “sixth sense” about dog behavior and how to solve problems when they occur. What I appreciate about Jen is she works well with dogs and she does not utilize a cookie-cutter approach to training dogs…

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