Do to COVID19, online dog training has gotten really popular.  We only recommend this training once your dog has gone through 3-4 training sessions with Jen.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we can now offer our fabulous dog training programs to anyone, no matter your location! How? Skype and Zoom of course!

Dog Training on Skype

Our Skype  & Zoom dog training programs will function very similarly to our more traditional private dog training programs—you’ll get one-on-one, customized training sessions with one of our acclaimed trainers via Skype or Zoom. All of the high-quality, thoughtful, scientifically-proven methods and love for your dog that you will find in our private programs, just in digital form. Due to COVID19 and the Pandemic online dog training has gotten very popular, and we have found that doing programs via Skype & Zoom has some pretty great advantages!

Advantages to Digital Dog Training:


Because there is no commute, we can get super flexible with scheduling! Now, no matter where you live you can take advantage of virtual training via Zoom or Skype, tools, and most importantly, results! Most of the education systems around the US have been using Zoom, from grade schools to colleges since COVID19 hit the US.  Why not use this same technology for your dog?


Whether you are in San Francisco, New York, or in the middle of nowhere – we can work with you. You can reap the benefits of professional, experienced, and knowledgeable trainers who have a proven track record of giving dog owners amazing results.


Now your pup won’t even know we are there! This allows us to see how your dog is naturally behaving. Many times our clients tell us, “He is so good when you’re here!” In dog training sessions via Zoom or Skype, we get to see how your dog behaves as if nobody new is in the environment.


Because we don’t have to drive to your home, we can price these programs less than our traditional programs. Now, we aren’t cheap—we’ll tell you that upfront. We are a premium dog training service. We give you customized training, one-on-one attention, and a ton of other perks that we can discuss during your free consultation.



Abigail Sullivan-Bayer

“A great dog trainer has to be able to use her knowledge and experience to quickly assess what will work in the most efficient way for each individual owner and each individual dog in each individual situation. A great dog trainer is not only exceptionally good at reading behavior, communicating with and educating all types of dogs (ages, breeds, temperaments, drives, etc.) but she must be exceptionally good at …

Alexander Taylor

”Our history with Jen Delatte goes back almost eight years when as new owners of a high energy Golden Retriever puppy, we signed up for a Puppy class with Jen. Neither of us had any experience with training a dog. All we knew is that we wanted our soon-to-be “big” dog to be well-behaved and obedient. Jen was patient with us (when we clearly didn’t know what we were doing) and wonderful with Chief. She has a real gift …

Tonya Cox

“I brought my two dogs to Jen…. Max a SUPER energized and very hyperactive Miniature Schnauzer puppy and Simba, a mellow yet often defiant Yorkshire Terrier. After a few sessions, I realized that Jen has a “sixth sense” about dog behavior and how to solve problems when they occur. What I appreciate about Jen is she works well with dogs and she does not utilize a cookie-cutter approach to training dogs…

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