Jennifer DeLatte has dedicated herself to helping dogs & their people create better relationships in the Greater Houston Area since 2001.

Spoiled Good Dog Training offers practical and DogFighteffective solutions to real world behavior problems for all types of dogs with all types of behavioral issues including shyness, fear, anxiety, aggression, over excitability/hyper and obsessive behaviors.  Jennifer has used her expertise in dog behavior, animal training, learning theory and psychology to successfully help dog owners use the most effective, current, and scientifically based principles and techniques available.  Jennifer works diligently with veterinarians and clients to successfully extinguish unwanted behaviors.

GoodDogsJennifer DeLatte, owner of Spoiled Good Dog Training, has learned many things about dogs and people over the ten plus years she’s worked closely with them.  First and foremost is that each dog and each owner are unique.  Their situations may be similar but they are never identical.  All dogs and all people do not learn best in exactly the same ways.  Therefore, the same training methods and techniques cannot possibly work for everyone. At Spoiled Good Dog Training, we do not train “from a script”.  Spoiled Good Dog Training does not have a patented “training system”.  Our methods and techniques are based on scientifically proven principles of effectively modifying animal behavior long term.  Because our methods and techniques are based on proven principles that govern how animals learn to repeat behaviors reliably long term, your training sessions can be much more fluid and tailored to exactly what you and your dog need.  Jennifer will assess your individual situation, determine what training style will work best for your dog and then create a customized training program for you.

However, there are training methods that Jennifer will not use.  Jennifer does not recommend any form of aversive punishment.  The reason is simple; there is ample evidence in the psychiatric and behavioral sciences that punishment does not yield the best results when it comes to effectively modifying animal behavior long term.  That doesn’t mean there should not be corrections.  It simply means that your dog will be correctedwithout he or she being punished.  Yes, it can be done!  Once you learn how to properly correct and redirect your dog’s behavior, you can solve any behavior issue that might come up.  It is completely unnecessary and detrimental to punish a dog during training, but it is necessary to gently correct them when needed.

Jennifer DeLatte believes that all dogs and their owner’s deserve to have the best relationship possible.  At Spoiled Good Dog Training we believe that mutual respect and communication are essential to creating that type of relationship between a dog and his or her human(s).  Training is a way of learning how to communicate with your dog and building a trusting and mutually respectful bond with your animal.  At some point in your dogs training, you will need to get involved.  However, exactly when that point is can be your choice.

There is training new behaviors and then there is reinforcing those behaviors.  Both have to be done.  A dog needs to be taught what they are expected to do when hearing a word, seeing a hand signal, or in a particular circumstance.  This initial training is the part that requires the most time and effort to accomplish.  Once a dog is trained, whether by the owners or someone else, the owners will still need to continue to reinforce the training, especially in the beginning.  It is possible for someone else to do the initial training for an owner that just doesn’t have the time required.  As long as the dog’s humans take the time to learn how to reinforce the training and the training was done correctly, the training will remain successful.