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Training Your Dog To Have Impulse Control: What Is It?

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As I write this, I just finished a bowl of Mint Chip ice cream and I am considering a second. Or maybe I should just eat the whole carton? The fact that I am even stopping to think about it shows some impulse control. Though if I fail to resist the temptation to grab that whole carton and finish it right now,

3 Leash Training Techniques To Help A Dog That Pulls

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Walking your dog—in theory—is a wonderful way to relax and get some exercise. Imagine a gorgeous fall day, leaves changing all around you, a light breeze blowing, and a slight chill to the air. You stroll through the red falling leaves while your sweet dog trots along at your side. Perfection. I think this is what most people picture when they

Dog Training For Adolescent Dogs

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Teenage years are rough for both children and parents! Hormones are raging and boundaries are tested, creating a lot of tension in the home. We’ve all been there—those of us that have raised children have been there twice or more! There are many correlations between human and canine development and adolescence is certainly one of them! We receive so many concerns

Moving With A Dog — Tips To Make Your Move With Your Dog Easier

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Most of us have to relocate with our animals at least once in our lives, and it can be very stressful for both humans and animals! I've done my fair share in the last 3 years and have moved around a few cities in Texas and different areas in Houston and while it wasn’t easy, my dogs were as comfortable as

The Best Collars, Leashes, And Harnesses For Walking Your Dog

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If you are a dog owner, I’m sure you know the overwhelming feeling of wandering through the aisles of a pet supply store, or pouring over the thousands of options for collars, leashes, and harnesses online. Well, those days are over, because we have done the work for you! Here's a helpful list of dog collars, leashes,