• Puppy Beginner under 4 months
  • Puppy Intermediate 4 – 6 months
  • Adolescent Basic – 6 – 12 months Adult Beginner – over 1 yr.
  • Intermediate and Advanced Obedience
  • CGC prep & test/Puppy S.T.A.R. Program CGC Prep & test when ready
  • Therapy dog Prep
  • Agility Prep
  • Search Prep

We do not train dogs for hunting sports specifically.  However, we can teach your pup all of the obedience groundwork necessary with an emphasis on skills pertaining specifically to your chosen sport.  We will also add dock work as an activity option.

Structured Day Care – for dogs that need a little more structure in their daytime activities
Structured Day Care includes: training reinforcement, trainer supervised group play, play/training exercises, novice agility, and socialization field trips to parks or pet friendly businesses. You can also add an individual training session for your dog with Jennifer and she will show you how to reinforce the training when your pup is dropped off.

Transportation Services Available

No two dogs and no two owners are exactly the same.  So, how can their training programs be?  Customized Canine Training.  Jennifer DeLatte is dedicated to helping creatthe relationship that you want with your dog.

Whether you want your dog just to stop jumping on guests or you want to pass an AKC Canine Good Citizens Test and train for sport or therapy work, Spoiled Good Dog Training will tailor your training program to you and your dog’s individual needs.